What is an Electrified Household?

An electrified household simply replaces any existing fossil fuel devices, like gas water heaters and petrol cars, with modern efficient electric versions. It also makes the most of Australia's abundant sunshine by having solar on the roof and a home back-up battery in the garage to store the cheap energy made on the rooftop.

Explained in more detail

Conventional "average" home

The “average” Australian household currently uses ~102kWh of energy per day, and spends $5,248 per year on energy related costs. Much of this energy use is due to the inefficiency of conventional fuels like natural gas and petrol. These fuels are both expensive and highly polluting. The average household releases 11,000 kg of CO2-e greenhouse gas into the atmosphere every year from its energy use activities.

Electrified "average" home

If we electrify the “average” Australian household, with solar panels on the roof, a home battery, electric vehicles in the garage, and replacement of gas appliances with efficient electric ones, we can save thousands per year in household costs for the average home by 2030. The efficiency gains from new appliances and vehicles drops energy use significantly to just ~37 kWh, and Australia’s world leading solar is cheap enough to power the house while saving money.

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