Electric Communities

While Rewiring Australia advocates for the big changes needed from government and industry to ensure electrification can be done fairly, equitably and rapidly at scale, we know that community groups across Australia are getting on with the job. We want to build a national electrification movement and community groups are leading the charge. Join us!

You can search for a local group in the map below. If you have a group who wants to join the network of community groups running electrification campaigns, we'd love to hear from you.
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When a household electrifies, they open up a range of financial, health and environmental benefits. When a community electrifies, that impact can be exponential: lower emissions, cleaner air, a supported local economy and more collective power.

Rewiring Australia wants to harness the strength of community-led action and connect new or existing community groups across Australia to run effective electrification campaigns in their community. By working together, we can share ideas, resources and energy to increase each community’s capacity and impact.

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70% of Australia's domestic emissions occur at the household and business level. To meet our emissions targets we need to rapidly replace the fossil fuel machines that sit in homes, driveways and businesses with efficient, electric versions powered by renewable energy.

These decisions take place around kitchen tables and meeting rooms and can be positively influenced and supported by trusted sources within the community. This highlights the critical role communities can play in decarbonising Australia’s economy.

How much could your community be saving?

Community groups build trust


Rewiring Australia is connecting with local groups to ensure we can all benefit from sharing, collaborating and connecting. Some of the ways we're working with communities include:

  • Providing access to an online space for groups to collaborate and to share news and ideas (via Slack)
  • Sharing of Rewiring Australia and other resources such as website template, flyers, event banners, graphs and illustrations, including customisable resources to ensure localised content can be included
  • Online workshops and face-to-face events to build collective knowledge and identify collaboration opportunities
  • Community group newsletter
  • Joint advocacy and collaborative activities

What groups are doing

Electric community campaigns can take many different forms. Just some of the activities groups are doing, include:

  • Induction cooking demonstrations
  • Educational workshops and information sessions
  • Electric Vehicle test drives and open days
  • In-home advisory services or business partnerships
  • Working with councils for infrastructure such as solar on community buildings and EV charging
  • Bulk buys of solar panels and electric heat pumps
  • Community surveys and resources
Speaking with community members

Find a group near you

Rewiring Australia has connected with a range of wonderful community groups running various electrification activities in their neighbourhoods.

Zoom in on the map to find one and click on the group for contact details. If you know of a group not listed, or you're keen to start one, get in touch with us (see below).

Community groups are always on the lookout for volunteers and community members to get involved. So reach out directly to them and build this grassroots power - together we can build a national electrification movement!

Keen to get involved?

To be a part of the Electric Communities project, contact our Mobilisation and Engagement Manager Kristen McDonald
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