Making electricity with wind, solar or hydroelectricity takes one third of the energy of making electricity with fossil fuels, which waste two thirds of their energy content. Rooftop solar electricity is about 5 times cheaper than grid prices.
An electric vehicle, regardless of size or type, will use about one third as much energy as a fossil-fuel vehicle. Driving an electric car costs about half as much on the current grid, or about one tenth if fueled with rooftop solar.
For low-temperature heat like domestic hot water and space heating, a heat pump needs only one third to one quarter of the energy of heating the same thing with fossil fuels. Electrified heating in our homes costs around half as much in running costs, even less if you have rooftop solar.
For high-temperature heat, induction heating needs only half to three quarters of the energy that would be required using fossil fuels. Not only is electric cooking cheaper, it also removes harmful gas stove pollutants from the air known to cause respiratory illness.

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Australia Can Lead The World

The time for slow climate action is over, and Australia has the unique opportunity to lead the world in decarbonization. We not only have the best renewable resources in the world, but thanks to a decade of good rooftop solar policy, we also enjoy the cheapest rooftop residential electricity on earth.

We are the first country in the world where powering our vehicles and our household heat and appliances with rooftop solar will save every household money. With this abundant renewable energy we can electrify our industry and be a renewably-powered export superpower making clean green metals and ores to help the rest of the world decarbonize. The result? Savings in the suburbs and jobs in the regions.

These industries of the future – along with cleaner and healthier homes, air and water – are ours to win.

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