Dec 18, 2022, ABC news.
Rewiring Australia plan to electrify households, cars moves a step closer

A deal between The Greens and Labor has given an immediate boost to plans first formulated by Rewiring Australia to electrify households and small businesses across the country.

Oct 13, 2022, ABC 7:30.
Dr Saul Griffith explains why electrifying the economy is 'anti-inflationary' | 7.30

Sep 22, 2022, Triple j Hack.
Certified 'genius' Saul Griffith has a plan to decarbonise Australia — and it will only take 101 million machines

Aug 04, 2022, ICLEI Oceania.
Local Government Solutions Exchange | Saul Griffith

Aug 30, 2022, TEDx Sydney.
TEDx Sydney 2022 | Saul Griffith

101 million machines away from a zero emission Australia

Jun 16, 2022, ABC QandA.
Q + A: Australia's Energy Crisis

May 28, 2022, ABC Weekend Breakfast.
Electricity price increases

"We now produce the cheapest electricity in the world in terms of our rooftop solar on our homes and our businesses. That produces electricity at ~5c a kWh."

May 17, 2022, Sourceable.
All Electric Homes Will Save Thousands Each Year for Outer Metro Households

“If we fully exploit our natural advantage with solar energy by electrifying everything, we will create thousands of jobs for tradies and ensure more money is spent in local shops. The air will be cleaner and people will be healthier."

May 13, 2022, The Guardian.
Living costs in outer suburbs would be slashed under plan to ‘electrify everything’, analysis finds

A report by Dr Saul Griffith, the founder of Rewiring Australia and a former adviser to the US government on energy policy, last year suggested a $12bn investment in household electrification over five years could eliminate a third of Australia’s emissions while saving households $40bn a year by 2028.

May 09, 2022, PV Magazine.
Solar-backed electrification of city tipped to save $3.9 billion

A plan to “rewire” one of Australia’s largest cities by electrifying the region’s homes and vehicles and powering them with solar energy would save the average household almost $5,000 a year, generate more than 24,000 jobs and provide an overall annual economic benefit of approximately $3.9 billion.

May 09, 2022,
Rewiring Brisbane - Residents in one of Australia’s biggest cities are being told how they can slash their power bills by at least $4700 a year.

The campaign, driven by an “optimistic group of nonpartisan Australians”, ultimately aims to prove that it is possible to address climate change and cost-of-living concerns at the same time.

May 04, 2022, Rewiring Australia.
Federal electorate modelling demonstrates the benefits of Electrification

Rewiring Australia has developed federal electorate level modelling that outlines how households and communities can financially benefit from solar-backed electrification, along with the employment benefits of rewiring buildings. This is an open source resource available to all campaigns, candidates and interested parties, to better inform discussion of Australia’s decarbonisation effort. For further details and requests please email

Feb 17, 2022, The Fifth Estate.
Interview - The Big Switch: Saul Griffith says the answer is electric

“This is our way to atone for 20 years of f*cking up the IPCC [International Panel on Climate Change] process. We can demonstrate how we can improve our lives and bring forward climate action by 10 years.

Feb 14, 2022, The Monthly.
The future of homes is electric

I hope this feels astonishing to you; it certainly does to me. When we compare the final energy use of a conventional home to a renewably electrified home, the efficiency benefits of electrification become abundantly clear. With the same conveniences, size, warmth and vehicles as a currently fossil-fuelled home, electrifying the average Australian home would cut total energy use by more than half!

Feb 11, 2022, Australian Financial Review.
How Australians can cut emissions – and save $5000 a year

All of this points to a fundamental shift that must occur in our climate change thinking: we will solve this problem through abundance, not scarcity.

Feb 05, 2022, The Saturday Paper.
The Joe Biden adviser living in Wollongong

Saul Griffith, a former climate adviser to Joe Biden, has moved home to Australia. He argues policy changes made here could accelerate the world’s transition to renewables by 10 years.

Feb 04, 2022, The Guardian.
Electric Monaros and hotted-up skateboards : the ‘genius’ who wants to electrify our world

“Australia is the first country in the world where the positive household economics of solving climate change will be realisable by everyday people,”

Jan 28, 2022, Mirage News.
AEMO report shows Australia’s potential to fully exploit solar lead

Today’s report from AEMO shows almost 35 per cent of Australian energy was generated from renewable sources for the three months to December 31. But that clean energy needs to heat our water, cool our homes, power our cars and cook our food to fully take advantage of our lead.

Jan 28, 2022, Energy Magazine.
Renewables boom to take Australian solar to new heights?

“A fully electric Australia that gets off fossil fuels will keep the same comforts but use about half the energy, with none of the energy emissions. This win-win from electrification is clear. “We should change our planning and permitting laws to prioritise all electric households and businesses, and start training the installation and maintenance workforce for this electrified future now.”

Dec 01, 2021, Energy Magazine.
Household electrification: savings, not sacrifice

“No nation is better placed to seize this opportunity for cheaper energy, self-reliance, and cleaner air than Australia,”

Nov 08, 2021, Better Than Yesterday Podcast with Osher Günsberg.
Better Than Yesterday Podcast with Osher Günsberg

Oct 21, 2021, The Daily Telegraph.
Roundtable: Contest of ideas on what net zero means for Australia

Oct 05, 2021, Mirage News.
Electrify everything to demolish power bills

A report released by Rewiring Australia, a new energy think tank, shows that Australian households could vastly reduce their energy bills through electrification, and cut domestic emissions by around one third by 2030.

Oct 20, 2021, Energy Monitor.
Electrifying Australian households will save billions – report

Australian households could collectively save more than A$40bn ($29.6bn) by 2030 – almost equivalent to national export earnings from coal – if they were fully electrified, says not-for-profit Rewiring Australia in a new report.

Oct 05, 2021, Nature World News.
Using Electricity to Power Houses and Vehicles Can Help Save Thousands of Dollars Per Year

According to a research from an Australian thinktank, running houses and vehicles solely on electricity would save homeowners $5,443 per year.

Oct 05, 2021, The Market Herald.
Major household savings, slashed carbon emissions: Rewiring Australia calls to “electrify everything”

A new report from energy think tank Rewiring Australia claims the key to slashing domestic carbon emissions is to “electrify everything”. What’s more, the report claimed the mass electrification of household machines could save Australian homes some $5000 per year by 2030.

Oct 16, 2021, 7 NEWS Melbourne.
New research shows the cost of everyday activities like making a cup of tea and showering could be more than halved when households move to renewable energy by 2030.

Oct 16, 2021, The Daily Telegraph.
How Sydneysiders can save $5000 a year by going green

The research breaks down figures contained in the newly released Rewiring Australia report by globally renowned Australian energy guru Saul Griffith, who is now an energy adviser to the US government. Rewiring Australia found that by 2030, the average Australian household could save $5,000 to $6,000 a year on energy and vehicle costs compared to now by replacing gas and coal-fired electricity with renewable power augmented by heat pumps.

Oct 11, 2021, Treehugger.
Saul Griffith's 'Electrify' Is a Playbook on Electrifying Everything to Address the Climate Crisis

Saul Griffith, known to Treehugger readers for his "Electrify Everything" projects, has written "Electrify," which is "an optimist's playbook for our clean energy future." The first sentence says it all: "This book is an action plan to fight for the future. Given our delays in addressing climate change, we must now commit to completely transforming our energy supply and demand—'end-game decarbonization.' The world has no time left."

Oct 05, 2021, ABC NEWS 7.30 Report.
Rewiring Australian households could save them up to $6,000 a year, research finds | 7.30

Oct 15, 2021, The Chaser.
Solar-powered barbecues can save the planet

Energy guru Saul Griffith reckons Australia can lead the way in solving the climate crisis, with our abundant sunlight and love of new technology. Griffith has been advising the Biden Administration on renewables and is well known around the world for his passion for energy solutions that don’t just work, but work better than what we have now.

Oct 14, 2021, The Canberra Times.
Speech Prime Minister Scott Morrison should give to Glasgow summit

But I stand here today to make a commitment to the world that Australia will not only do its part, but that we are here to lead, and to help all nations meet our collective challenge. Built into the poetry and culture of our country are the stories of our great natural resources, but also of our fragile continent. Australia is a nation with everything to lose, but also everything to win. We have sunshine, we have industrial capacity, we have a willing and trained workforce.

Oct 14, 2021, ABC Radio.
Why are electric vehicles our future?

Australia's uptake of electric cars is so slow, that we're not only far behind other developed countries, but we're also at risk of becoming the dumping ground for polluting cars. It comes as the UN warns Australia needs to do more to slash emissions by almost 50 per cent, in order to hit international climate targets.

Oct 10, 2021, CleanTechnica.
Australian Couple’s Uplifting Story With Tesla Virtual Power Plant

Dr. Saul Griffith, an American-Australian engineer, mapped out the American energy system for the U.S. Department of Energy and is now focused on “Rewiring Australia.” His new work, co-authored by The Australia Institute, is a project that encourages households to switch from gas to solar-powered electricity.

Oct 06, 2021, Energy News Bulletin.
Renewables ramp up could cut household bills by $4300 by 2035

RENEWABLE energy entrepreneur and policy advisor Dr Saul Griffith has released a technical study finding Australia needs and should act to electrify as much of its residential and commercial sectors by 2030, before turning to hard-to-abate export industries in the following decade.

Oct 05, 2021, PV Magazine.
Households could save $5,443 a year and a third of national emissions by electrifying, report says

Australian households, if supported by governments and the private sector, could be the vanguard of decarbonisation. Castles and Cars, published today by Rewiring Australia, posits that despite Australia’s federal foot dragging and coal-intensive grid, the country has all the tools it needs to rapidly cut emissions and save individual households thousands along the way.

Oct 05, 2021, Electrical Connection.
Rewiring Australia: Electrify Everything To Demolish Power Bills

“Australians already lead the world in harvesting solar electricity. Now we have the technology available to use it. With modest public investment in our homes, cars, and communities, we can electrify everything without sacrificing our way of life. If we embrace this shift now, we can enjoy cheaper, cleaner, healthier energy and win the global decarbonisation race.”

Oct 05, 2021, The Fifth Estate.
How do we win the culture war and turn the tide on electrification? Better call Saul

A new energy think tank headed by Australian-American inventor and entrepreneur, Saul Griffith is looking to win the narrative war on electrification and help ensure Australia meets its potential as a global leader in the space.

Oct 06, 2021, Newcastle Herald.
Rewiring Australia report says all household appliances and vehicles should run on electricity

Oct 06, 2021, YourLifeChoices.
How electrifying your life could save you thousands

A novel plan to ‘electrify everything’ in our lives could see Australian living costs slashed by up to $5000 a year while reducing carbon emissions at the same time. Electricity bills in Australia are now among the highest in the world and make up a significant percentage of a family’s yearly budget.