Electrify My Community Program

Rewiring Australia is launching a new program to support ten volunteer groups to run ‘Electrify My Community’ campaigns in their own community.

Receive access to resources, advice, a small grant and a collaborative space to start or further your campaign. By being one of Rewiring Australia's Community Partners you will also help forge a pathway for other groups across Australia to follow suit to build a national electrification movement.

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Applications to become a partner have closed. However, we still plan to provide a space to connect with resources for all groups. If interested, please email us.
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When a household electrifies, they open up a range of financial, health and environmental benefits. When a community electrifies, that impact can be exponential: lower emissions, cleaner air, a supported local economy and more collective power.

Rewiring Australia wants to harness the strength of community-led action and connect new or existing community groups across Australia to run effective electrification campaigns in their community. By working together, we can share ideas, resources and energy to increase each community’s capacity and impact.

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70% of Australia's domestic emissions occur at the household and business level. To meet our emissions targets we need to rapidly replace the fossil fuel machines that sit in homes, driveways and businesses with efficient, electric versions powered by renewable energy.

These decisions take place around kitchen tables and meeting rooms and can be positively influenced and supported by trusted sources within the community. This highlights the critical role communities can play in decarbonising Australia’s economy.

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Who is it for?

The initial ‘Electrify My Community’ program will be for ten groups at different levels of development to participate in a program supported by Rewiring Australia and other experts.

We know there is a lot of fantastic work already taking place in this space by community groups and individuals and Rewiring Australia aims to facilitate a shared experience, offering opportunities for mentorship and support.

The purpose is not for Rewiring Australia to run the campaigns, but to support and empower local groups to drive positive change in their communities.

In different parts of Australia, we’re looking for a mix of:

  • Potential groups or newly formed groups of at least 5 committed people who want to start an electrification campaign
  • Existing groups who want to start an electrification campaign
  • Existing groups who want to further an electrification campaign

These ten groups would in turn inspire and support more groups, by providing case studies and resources, to kickstart an Australia-wide electrification movement enabling positive climate action.

What will take place?

Your group will be connected and supported to communicate and demonstrate the benefits of electrification in your community to encourage action by households, businesses and local governments. The strategy and design of your campaign will be set by you, based on identified skills and opportunities within your group and community. Rewiring Australia and other group participants will aim to support you to carry out your campaign.

The key components of the project include:

  • Funding: Receive a $1000 grant to be spent on your community campaign (eg. venue hire, printing, marketing etc)
  • Collaboration: Join together with similar groups to build a shared experience, learning and support system.
  • Workshops: Participate in 4 online sessions over 8 weeks with a key expert and connect with others.
  • Resources: Have the option to take up a 6 month paid subscription for a website and domain and use customisable communication templates, branding and information guides provided by Rewiring Australia.
  • Support: Receive data and advice provided by Rewiring Australia’s Community Team  to support your group planning and delivery of an electrification campaign.

Program Overview

Stage 1: Design and Development

Over an 8-week period, Rewiring Australia will run a series of online sessions and offer intensive support to help groups establish or further their community electrification campaign.You can access an online platform with other groups, make use of templates and a website (optional), develop or further a campaign strategy including engaging with local media and decision makers, and plan the best use of the grant funds for community engagement activities. 

These engagement activities may include (but not be limited to): community events, webinars, newsletters, household guides, bulk buys, council engagement, letter writing, etc.

Stage 2: Support

We will regroup in February 2024 to check in with the forward plan. Over the following months, you will connect with the Community Team at least once a month for ongoing support and updates. You’re encouraged to continue to use the online platform to connect with other groups. We will identify opportunities that may benefit a range of groups (eg. research, appliance deals) and create case studies and resources that can be provided to more groups to run their own campaigns

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Your commitment

  • To have a minimum of 5 people as part of the group
  • At least 1 group representative to attend 4 x online sessions over 8 weeks
  • Groups to plan and undertake at least 2 engagement activities in 6 months
  • Groups to maintain their public communication (eg website, social pages, emails) with their own community
  • Willingness to share learnings and opportunities with other groups
  • Submit a report back to Rewiring Australia documenting the campaign
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How to apply

Applications to become a partner have closed. However, we still plan to provide a space to connect with resources for all groups. If interested, please email us.
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  • What is the goal of the program?
    To have thriving community campaigns across the country benefiting from collaboration to help households and businesses lower emissions and energy costs.

    By working together we can demonstrate that electrification has broad support across our country to urge ambitious spending and programs from governments and industry to ensure that every Australian has access to an electric future.
  • What are the project dates? Please note there has been an extension
    10 September 2023: Applications close
    20 September 2023: Groups finalised
    9 October - 1 December 2023: Stage 1 program (4 workshops within that time frame, dates TBC)
    19 February 2024: Stage 2 program starts
    15 April 2024: Stage 2 program ends
  • Are there skills or experience required?
    While it is valuable for your group to have some electrification and/or energy experience, you don't need to have experts. We advise the sorts of skills that are useful to have within the group include community organising (eg. reaching networks, collaborating with groups, identifying, communications (eg. web maintenance, social media), governance and event management. Rewiring Australia intend to help fill skills gaps you have where possible.
  • What is the expected time commitment?
    The success of your campaign depends on what is sustainable for your group to manage in the long-term and we know that as volunteers you will all be juggling work/family/life commitments so will need to find the right balance to manage your ongoing campaign. There isn’t a minimum time commitment we will require, but from our experience, to make a campaign effective at least 12 hours is spent a week (spread between group members). We ask that members of your team attend 4 online sessions between 18 Sep- 10 Nov and are available for a fortnightly catch up during that time.
  • How will the ten groups be decided?
    We want to support groups who aim to be self-sufficient and intend to continue after the 6 month program. To gain a breadth of learnings, we’re hoping to include:
    - Groups at various stages of maturity (eg from start-up to experienced group);
    - A mix of urban and regional/rural communities;
    - Different states and territories;
    - Groups with a willingness to support the principles and values of Rewiring Australia.
  • What happens at the end of the 6 months?
    Rewiring Australia may move on to nurture newer groups but will still be in touch with you. We hope to have created an electrification movement who feel connected and supported by our collective work and can still receive support from one another.  If you have chosen to take up our offer of a six-month website/domain subscription you will either have to finance the ongoing cost yourself (you could use some of your grant money for this, or apply for external grants) or convert to another platform of your choice. The cost is not yet confirmed but estimated to be around $40/month.
  • What if I am not included in the ten groups?
    We’re impressed with the many people, households and communities who have already started their electrification journey. Unfortunately Rewiring Australia only has resources to provide personalised mentoring to ten groups at this stage, and we understand it might be disappointing not to be included in the ten. However, we will be sharing informational resources, insights and case studies once they are developed, as well as a place online to connect, for anyone interested in starting or furthering their community electrification journey - so stay tuned.
  • By participating in the program am I part of Rewiring Australia?
    'Electrify X Town, a Rewiring Australia Community Partner’

    Rewiring Australia will support groups to start or further a campaign, but not own or control the groups and their activities. You will be welcome to use some of Rewiring Australia’s branding materials, images and research (in accordance with our branding guidelines) but your communications will make it clear that you are independent and community-run.
  • Does the group need to become a formal entity eg. an incorporated association?
    Incorporation involves creating a legal entity for the group, along with associated governance. It gives groups some legal advantages in return for accepting some legal responsibilities. It is not required to formally register your group to participate in this program, although your group may choose to do so (whether that’s from the start or it can be done later). We would be happy to informally discuss the options with you whilst not providing legal advice and suggest you look at state/territory sites such as Fair Trading NSW, QLD Fair Trading, VIC Consumer Affairs etc or read resources like  Not-for-profit Law to help you decide what the right structure for your group is.


For further questions please email Kristen, Mobilisation and Engagement Manager