The lowdown on new solar tariffs

Kristen McDonald, Mobilisation and Engagement Manager | May 21, 2024

By implementing retrospective tariffs to solar owners without additional market improvements unfairly frames solar as the problem rather than the solution to our energy transition. These changes are retrospective changes that penalise households for making investments in good faith.

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The next step in our Net Zero journey: universal household electrification finance

Dan Cass, Executive Director | May 15, 2024

The next step on the journey to Net Zero is for the government to create a low-cost finance scheme for the millions of Australians who cannot afford the upfront investment to move off dirty, expensive fossil gas onto efficient, electric appliances powered by solar.

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Placing household finance at the centre of energy policy

Dan Cass, Executive Director | Mar 16, 2024

Past governments created universal health care through Medicare and universal tertiary education through HECS. Now it’s time our federal government offers universal access to cheap, rooftop solar and efficient, electric appliances. With your continued support, we will help them develop the plans and muster the ambition to do it.

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