Rewiring the NSW South Coast

Launch of plan to smash energy bills and carbon emissions on the NSW south coast.

Nowra School of Arts Annex, 12 Berry Street, Nowra
May 16, 2022 12:30 PM
Free Event

Australia must decarbonise and solar-powered electrification of our homes and cars is the fastest way to smash emissions while ensuring households win. 

Join Rewiring Australia and its chief scientist, Dr Saul Griffith for a town hall meeting in Nowra on how the South Coast can electrify, decarbonise, and flourish. 

By rewiring our homes to replace carbon emitting stoves, heating and cars with modern, clean electrical versions, households will save a fortune, more money will stay in the South Coast community and we will generate local, skilled jobs.

Dr Saul Griffith will reveal new research outlining dollar figure benefit electrification will bring to the South Coast. Saul, is a global expert energy systems and has advised the White House on decarbonisation. Read more about Rewiring Australia and Saul here.

The town hall meeting will be held on Monday 16 May at 12.30pm at the Nowra School of Arts, 12 Berry Street, Nowra. You can register to attend here and the link to join the event will be emailed to you. 

Climate change is a key issue this election. This new research and the work of Rewiring Australia is key in shaping the debate by highlighting there’s a lot to be gained by electrifying our towns and cities. We hope you can join us! 

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